4 Signs Its Time to Replace Your iPhone Battery

All iPhone batteries will wear down over time, but how can you know whether it's time to replace yours? Here are four signs it's time to call your local iPhone repair service for a new battery installation.

1. Your iPhone battery drains too quickly

Naturally, the most obvious sign that you need a battery replacement is an iPhone that loses its charge quickly. When your iPhone is relatively new, it can generally hold its charge for hours on end. If you notice that the battery isn't lasting as long as it used to, or that you need to charge your iPhone more often to get through a full day, that's a good sign the battery needs replacing needs an upgrade. If you're concerned that you might be imagining how fast your charge is draining, iPhones actually have a handy built-in feature to check the "health" of your battery. Just head to Settings, click Battery, then look for Battery Health. The lower the percentage, the more likely you need to replace your battery.

2. Your iPhone shuts down unexpectedly or fails to start up

Another common sign of an aged iPhone battery is sudden faltering performance. Has your phone started to shut down when you least expect it? This could be a sign that your battery is not holding its charge anymore. Alternatively, are you struggling to get your phone to start up from a dead battery even after charging it for a long time? If so, the battery may be close to its endpoint. In these cases, replacing your battery is the only fix.

3. Your iPhone is almost too hot to touch

Naturally, the internal parts of your iPhone heat up while it's running. However, if that heat spreads to the outside so much that your phone is uncomfortably hot to touch, you could be suffering from a battery problem. There are other potential causes of a hot phone, from viruses and malware to malfunctioning parts. However, battery failure is one of the most common culprits. Either way, an iPhone repair service can diagnose the problem and apply the right fix. 

4. Your apps are running slowly

Sometimes, a dying battery can impact the performance of your apps. Are your favourite games facing unexpected lag? Do your other apps feel sluggish? Do some applications freeze up entirely when you use them? These are all common signs that your battery may need replacing--or that you may have another issue in need of repair.

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