Tarot Over the Phone: 3 Important Tarot Cards

If you are thinking about ringing a tarot phone service, you may be looking for more info about some of the important cards in the deck. This article looks at three such cards. Read on to find out more!

King of Cups

The King of Cups is the most gentle and loving card in the deck. He signifies an intelligent, creative and warm person. The King is passionate, especially about his loved ones, and has a lot to offer in a relationship. The King of Cups may indicate that someone you love is coming back into your life or that you will meet someone new who will be kind, loyal and loving. A positive message is also that, if you need help, these people will be there for you.

The Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is a clear-headed, intelligent and decisive person. She is a good friend and can be very helpful to you, but she has a harsher side. If this card appears in your spread, you may need to be cautious about someone who is not being truthful. This card can also indicate that there are hidden issues that could threaten your happiness—you may want to consider what events or people have recently come into your life and if they are for the good.

Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is a powerful and courageous person. He is intelligent and forceful, and he can be a very confident person. He may be attached to his beliefs and ideals but also well-informed about the world around him, so he can be an opinionated person. The Knight of Swords can indicate status or power that you wish to achieve in your life; the card can also indicate the need for action or change in one's life.

The Benefits of a Phone Reading

Readings via telephone are often cheaper than those done live. While you may not have face-to-face contact, there are advantages to taking part in a phone reading. After all, most people have very busy lives, and finding the time or energy to go into a local shop or community centre to have a reading done is rare. It can also be difficult when you're under stress and barely have time for yourself, let alone time for someone else. With a phone reading, you can gain instant access to the insights the tarot can bring at a time that suits you.

To learn more about tarot card readings, contact a psychic.

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